Ask your Veterinarian about Microchipping your pet today

3 Steps to Successfully Protect Your Pet

Microchip your Pet

Sadly, 1 in 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime. A collar tag is not enough as it can get damaged or fall off. An implantable microchip provides a permanent, tamper proof means of animal identification. Pets with microchips are up to 20 times more likely to be reunited with their owners. Visit your local veterinarian or animal shelter to get a microchip today.


Register your Pet

Microchips do not need to be activated but they must be registered. Remember, a microchip is not a GPS or tracking device. It does not store any personal information about the animal or pet parent. A microchip simply transmits a unique 15-digit number through RFID or Radio Frequency Identification, when scanned by a microchip scanner or reader. This number is linked to an animal registry, which is accessible to Veterinarians, Humane Societies, SPCA’s, Rescues, and Shelters who can contact you if your lost pet is found. Whoever implanted the microchip must make sure to register that microchip along with the animal and owner information. Afterwards, the pet parent can update or make any changes to their personal information at any time free of charge.


Wear the collar tag

The collar tag is a small, round, metal tag that EIDAP provides. This tag has EIDAP's contact information, and a unique 6-digit number on it that we link to the microchip registration. It is recommend for your pet to wear their collar tag even if they are micro chipped as a large number of lost animals that are found are wearing their collar tags and are recovered that much quicker.